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December 2011 Blog Posts (55)

Mo'Nique Is Complaining That Her House Smells Like Dog Feces!

Academy Award-winning "Precious" actress Mo'Nique is suing her landlords in Georgia -- demanding she be let out of her $22,000-a-month rental contract ...because her house smells like dog feces.

Mo'Nique filed the papers in Fulton County in response to her landlords'…


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Yall Aint Gon' Worry Me PHOTO of the Day

Is it ME?  Am I expecting too much?  Do I want my people to do better...too much?  Is it YOU?  Do you think you're requiring too much?  Maybe this IS o.k. and I am wrong.  If so, I apologize.  Yall tell me ;-)

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Yes, it's exactly what you think it is!!

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Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx, & Martin Lawerence Are All Being Sued By A Prisoner

Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry are being sued for $1 million each by a prisoner -- who claims the duo jacked his idea for a groan-worthy new comedy ... starring Foxx, Perry, and Martin Lawrence ... all dressed as women.

In case you haven't heard ... the project is called "Skank Robbers" -- a wacky…


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Jay-Z is Being Sued....!

Jay-Z gambled with his employees' health and safety -- this according to a new lawsuit filed against the rapper ... by the Workers Compensation Board of New York.

According to the suit, Jay-Z failed to pay workers' compensation insurance for three months in 2009 -- and sources close…


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Katherine Jackson takes a Picture with a Michael Jackson Impersonator!!!

Katherine Jackson posed for a photo with William Hall, a Michael Jacksonimpersonator, following the "Legends in Concert" at Harrah's Las Vegas on Friday.

A little creepy,…


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Wife Thinking Twice About Her Divorce!

Maria Shriver is telling friends she's now unsure if she wants to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We're told Maria is torn, partly because of her strong religious beliefs that do not include divorce.

Making matters even more complicated -- we're told Arnold…


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P. Diddy is getting sued!!!

A guy who claims he got hit in the stomach with a microphone during the taping of an episode "Making the Band" back in 2008 is suing Diddy, MTV, and everyone involved with the event that day ... and we mean EVERYONE.

Kevin Faraday claims he was in the crowd at…


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Aunt Viv says that Will Smith is an A**hole??? Find Out Why??

The woman who played the original Aunt Viv on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" says there's a damn good reason she wasn't at a recent reunion dinner with the rest of the Banks family -- she HATES Will Smith.

15 years after the show went off the air ... Janet Hubert says she's still upset with the way…


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Adonis Thats My Baby New 2012 Single


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Big Tigger FIRED on his Birthday...WOW!

It’s kind of odd thinking that Big Tigger has been on the air for 20 years now. Looks like that ended yesterday and of all days, his 39th birthday December 22. I wonder if the station knew it was his birthday? Considering his birthday fell on a Thursday (who gets fired on Thursday?) Seems the station could have AT LEAST waited until he finished his show today (Friday).

Tigger confirmed the report on…


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What Kind Of Car You Drive???

Shoppers in London were bloody shocked to see a ridiculous cherry red stretch Ferrari Limousine parked outside Harrods department store the other day.

The ultra-luxury vehicle is 20 feet long and seats eight…

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Jackson 3 On Tour....No Michael...!

MarlonTito and Jackie Jackson were so thrilled with the way they performed during a recent concert in Japan ... they've decided to take their show on the road ...  

Jackson family sources tell us ... the brothers will be embarking on an 18-20 show concert tour that will span across Europe. 



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It's been 15 years since "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" went off the air, but it appears most of the cast members are still friends and actually hang out together.

Will Smith posted this pic of The Banks clan on his official Facebook page, which…


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Are You Buying Your Kids Jordans For Christmas????

From Baltimore to Washington to Atlanta ... people waiting in lines for the new Nike Air Jordan shoe are getting CRAZY violent -- except at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles where PATIENCE IS RUNNING RAMPANT!!

TMZ spoke with several people at the Bev Center who have been waiting in line for hours ... and some for days ... and…


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The Game has to handle up on some Hecklers in NORWAY!!

The Game nearly put a beating on a fan who threw bottles at him during a performance earlier this week in Norway. Before hopping off the stage, Game warned the fan but eventually got tired of talking and jumped into the crowd with his crew to find the offender. They eventually returned to the stage, but it doesn't appear like a fight actually happened.

We're sure they scared him enough to where he'll…


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R Kelly bringing back TRAPPED series...

R. Kelly isn't done with his Trapped in the Closet hip-hopera series -- he says he's poised to film 32 new chapters. "Trapped" came out in 2007 and had 22 chapters centering on a couple dealing with infidelity. Kelz tells TMZ he's ready to get…


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India Arie Being SUED!

India Arie's former manager is suing her for money she claims she's owed, and she's accusing India of sabotaging her own career and wants to be paid for that as well.

Noreen Nalli -- who was Arie's manager from 2005 to 2009 -- filed the suit earlier this year, saying she was "dumped without notice." Nalli claims that India would flake on shows, rejected offers to perform and would be unavailable…


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Did Radio One send out a Mandate Banning All Matthew Knowles Artists & Music?

According to Lee Bailey at EURWeb

“All Radio One personnel were told to pull all Music World artists out of rotation immediately and indefinitely! We were told that the mandate came straight from Ms. Hughes and that there would be ramifications for anyone playing or mentioning a Music World artist or song on air,” a Radio One employee, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, told…


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