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College Student Accidently Sends Her Dad a Nude Picture- DAD FLIPS OUT

How many of you have texted the wrong person?

Well, allegedly a college student accidentally sent a nude picture to her father. A girl by the name of Nyjah posted screen shots of her dad angrily texting her and needing answers. And according to the Gawker, the student took to twitter to ask how to cancel a sent text but it was a little too late. Her dad tried every avenue he could to get in contact with the sexting student.

She posted a video on Instagram of her father walking up to her place of residence. She genuinely sounded very worried about the situation. Due to vulgar language, I can not post the video but you can go to her page at Caaaaalifornia if you want to see the video.

Now, this all might be a clever ploy to get attention or more followers and for her sake, I hope it is fake.

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