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Amber Rose Allows Her 5-Year-Old Son To Curse: “It’s A Form Of Expression”

#AmberRose and #WizKhalifa just might be the coolest parents out here because they don’t believe in societal norms, and honestly I’m not mad at it. Amber spoke with Us Weekly and revealed that she lets her 5-year-old son curse in the house! Now y’all know times have definitely changed because this wasn’t the case up in my household. 

“I let my son curse in the house because it’s a form of expression,” Amber said. “I tell him when it’s appropriate and not to say it at school. That’s it.”

Amber spilled the tea at her annual SlutWalk, and said that Sebastian can pretty much say anything but N-word,
“something he picked up from his rapper father, Wiz Khalifa.”

“I tell him, ‘I’d rather you say f—k,’” she said.

Wiz has been coparenting with Amber since their divorce back in 2014.

Sebastian no doubt has one cool mom and Amber’s already prepared to talk to him about the birds and the bees when the time is right. She said she won’t be afraid to discuss protection and the importance of condoms.

“I’m going to put them in his drawer next to the bed and be like, ‘I don’t want you to have sex right now, but if you do, this is how to protect yourself,’” she said.

Amber also touched on having more kids. 

“I could do it without a guy if I wanted to, but ideally I would like to find a life partner that is like a best friend and just gets me and knows that I’m not easy to deal with,” adding, “Love and companionship is great. But other than that, I don’t feel like I need anybody but my son and my family, my health and my happiness.”

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