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Bredesen and Blackburn Debate

Sparks flew in Knoxville Wednesday night as Democrat Phil Bredesen and his Republican opponent Marsha Blackburn squared off in their final debate leading up to November's mid-term election.

The candidates traded barbs over everything from immigration, to education, and to the recent battle to appointment Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme court. 



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Two brothers were arrested today by undercover detectives, as they about to make a drug deal with 18 pounds of crystal meth in the vehicle.

Specialized Investigations Division and North Precinct undercover detectives arrested brothers Roberto and Jose Flores-Sanchez, and seized more than 18 pounds of crystal methamphetamine on Wednesday.

  The 2 week long investigation ended today in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart at 3458 Dickerson Pike, where the…


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Police say they have arrested the man accused of shooting a youth football coach in August.

Parolee 31-year-old Eric L. Caruthers was arrested Wednesday morning near South 7th Street in East Nashville.

The shooting happened on Aug 11, just after a youth football jamboree at Antioch High School. The event was not associated with Metro Nashville…

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Amber Rose Allows Her 5-Year-Old Son To Curse: “It’s A Form Of Expression”

#AmberRose and #WizKhalifa just might be the coolest parents out here because they don’t believe in societal norms, and honestly I’m not mad at it. Amber spoke with Us Weekly and revealed that she lets her 5-year-old son curse in the house! Now y’all know times have definitely changed because this wasn’t the case up in my household. 

“I let my son curse…


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2 Dead After Hurricane Michael Hits Florida With 155 MPH Winds, Flooding

  • At least two people are dead after Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 on Wednesday.
  • The storm brought winds of 155 miles per hour and flooded streets.
  • Michael is the strongest storm since Hurricane Camille in 1969 and the third-most-powerful on record to hit the U.S. 
  • "Hurricane Michael is the worst storm that…

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Would You Let Someone Else Spank Your Child?

Would You Let Someone Else Spank Your Child?

Russel B. Baughcum, 42, of Suwanee was arrested and charged with simple battery after he allegedly swatted a 4-year-old child who grabbed at his cat in the waiting room of a Johns Creek veterinary…

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Bobby Brown Arrested With DUI

Brown was pulled over by The California Highway Patrol in Reseda, Calif., at 12:20 p.m. for driving while taking on his cell phone, which is illegal in the state of California. Police administered a sobriety test and Brown blew a 0.12. He was then taken into custody and placed in the Van Nuys, Calif., jail.…


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What Would You Do If This Happened To You?

Click HERE To Find

Out What Happens To This Man When He Went To McDonalds.....

Leave a Comment and let me know how you feel…


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You have a WARRANTS and you on NATIONAL TV like the POLICE ain't going to find you........

Looks like the gentle giant wasn't so gentle after all.

Jermaine Jones, the large baritone singer who returned to American Idol after being cut before the semi-final round, has been disqualified from the competition for concealing arrests from the show's producers. One of the incidents allegedly involved violence.

Jones was arrested twice in 2011 and…


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Free Money To Build More Prisons And Keep Them At 90% Full

The nation's largest private prison company made an enticing offer to 48 states that went something like this: We will buy your prison now if you agree to keep it mostly full and promise to pay us for running it over the next two decades. Despite a need for cash, several states immediately slammed the door on the offer, a sign that privatizing prisons might…


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An openly gay marine has caused a stir online after sharing the traditional home-coming first kiss with his boyfriend in Hawaii.

Sgt Brandon Morgan of Oakdale, California, was captured as he jumped into the arms of boyfriend, reported by International Business Times to be called Dalan Wells.

The pair embraced and locked lips as they were reunited…


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Find out how much money...Juvenile is behind on Child Support!!!!


A report surfaced Friday (February 24) afternoon, which said that New Orleans rap vet Juvenile was a wanted man in Louisiana after failing to make court-ordered child support payment for nearly six years.

The rapper (real name: Terius Gray) was behind on child support payments upwards of $160,000 to Dionne Williams, the mother of his 13-year-old…


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I lost my virginity twice: Woman, 27, reveals she has TWO VAGINAS

 Uterus didelphys is a million-to-one condition


Hazel Jones

Hazel Jones: Lost her virginity twice due to her rare condition

Hazel also has two wombs and two cervixes…


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Would You Spend 50,000 On Your Dog? Find Out Who?



A distraught dog lover had her beloved pet cloned so that she could be with him even after he had died.

New Yorker Danielle Tarantola paid an incredible $50,000 for the…

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SNOOP DOGG: Arrested for Weed

Snoop Dogg was arrested in at a border-patrol stop in Texas over the weekend after a drug-sniffing dog smelled marijuana on his tour bus. The dog…


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Fake Rumors people saying about Jay-Z & Beyonce 1.3 million!

Beyonce says she gave birth to Blue Ivy the same way women have been giving birth for thousands of years ... naturally -- insisting she did NOT get a C-section.…


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DR. CONRAD MURRAY Back to Court to Prove MJ Partly Caused His Own Death

Dr. Conrad Murray is asking the judge in his criminal case to deny Michael Jackson's family full restitution, on grounds MJ caused his own death.



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MIKE TYSON Hotel Room Hit by Intruder !

Talk about having a death wish --- some dumbass broke into Mike Tyson's Vegas hotel room this weekend while the ex-boxing champ was sleeping ... but lucky for the intruder, dude escaped before Tyson could break his face in.

Sources says, Mike was staying at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Saturday night -- where he and his fam crashed after…


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Queen Of Soul Is Engaged!

She lost 85lbs last year and now Aretha Franklin is gaining a…

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Mo'Nique Is Complaining That Her House Smells Like Dog Feces!

Academy Award-winning "Precious" actress Mo'Nique is suing her landlords in Georgia -- demanding she be let out of her $22,000-a-month rental contract ...because her house smells like dog feces.

Mo'Nique filed the papers in Fulton County in response to her landlords'…


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