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Would You Spend 50,000 On Your Dog? Find Out Who?



A distraught dog lover had her beloved pet cloned so that she could be with him even after he had died.

New Yorker Danielle Tarantola paid an incredible $50,000 for the procedure using pet Trouble's DNA to create another dog exactly the same as the first.
She named the new pup Double Trouble after she contacted the world's only animal cloning company in South Korea

... And she said of her new pooch: 'I really can see no difference between them. So many of their gestures and the way they play is identical.'
Just a few months ago, the former Wall Street worker got a phone call from the company's scientists informing her that the surrogate bitch carrying the embryos developed from Trouble's DNA had been successfully impregnated.
Now Nashville........I dont know about how your christmas was this year but, I can find something else to do with 50,000. And it wouldn't be spending it on no d*mn dog I can tell you that. If she worked with you what would you tell her. (leave a comment)


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