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What Is A True Friend....Here’s a great way to find out.

If you were to suddenly come into money – say $100,000, who would be happiest for you?

  • Who would not want anything from you?
  • Who would not be at all jealous?
  • Which person would share your joy?
  • That is likely the best friend you have.

In spite of social media misleading us to think that we have hundreds or thousands of “friends”, the only real friends are the ones who always put your interests before theirs.  Who takes pleasure in your good fortune.

By these standards, we should consider ourselves fortunate if we have but one friend like this.  And if there are more, these folks are your prized possession – the people who deserve the same consideration in return.

Acquaintances are many.

True friends are rare.

Value the small circle of people who mean the most to you....

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