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The Manhunt for Steve Stephens is OVER!

The manhunt for Steve Stephens is OVER!

He was found shot to death (apparent suicide) in Erie, PA.

I will give him no more press than that...(this story just sickens me).  If you want more info.  Click the link:  


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Comment by Mahogany on April 21, 2017 at 12:57am

As I explained on facebook firstly mind control is real-education system, military personnel, regular doctor depended individuals are quite easy targets in becoming a mind controlled slave. Music & television are laced however not as controlled as the previously mentioned methods. Secondly check out and I mean really check out the hologram technology quite intense and powerful. I believes none of the maddness they say in the news bunch of liars with a deadly agenda! This could be your face pictured here wanting folk to believe you was nowhere near the crime scene but its too late cause they done plastered your mug all over the news! 

Peace, Love & Harmony

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