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THE GAME: Viacom Should Foot the Bill


The drama clearly didn’t stop after the director said “cut,” and now The Game is suing Viacom for $20 million after losing a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a contestant on his She's Got Game reality show.


According to TMZ, the Compton rapper is taking VH1’s parent company to court because Priscilla Rainey had a criminal history before being cast on the show. A doctor advised against her participating on the program because of her past, which includes multiple felony arrests for aggravated battery, but the producers apparently ignored his report in order to add drama to the show.


Rainey won a $7 million verdict last year after accusing Game of assaulting her on the set of the show in 2015.

FUTURE: Can’t Touch Tour Money


Future’s expected to rake in millions on his upcoming Nobody Safe tour -- but he might not get to keep it.


It all ties into Rocko’s lawsuit against the Atlanta rapper, who used to be signed to his A1 label. Now, Rocko is asking a judge to put all the money from the trek into an escrow account as the case unfolds.


Future stands to make an estimated $5 million from the tour -- which would go halfway toward paying off the $10 million Rocko is seeking. (TMZ)



BRAD PITT: Speaks Out About Divorce and Alcohol


Brad Pitt is speaking out for the first time about his divorce from Angelina Jolie and his troubles with alcohol abuse in a new interview with GQ.


The 53-year-old actor revealed that he is in therapy and has been sober for six months. He admits that his drinking had gotten out of control and it caused many of the problems in his marriage. He says, "I was boozing too much. It’s just become a problem. And I’m really happy it’s been half a year now, which is bittersweet, but I’ve got my feelings in my fingertips again." He adds, "For me this period has really been about looking at my weaknesses and failures and owning my side of the street."


Brad and Angelina have tried to keep their divorce and custody battle out of the tabloids. Pitt says, "I worry about it more for my kids, being subjected to it, and their friends getting ideas from it. And of course it’s not done with any kind of delicacy or insight—it’s done to sell. And so you know the most sensational sells, and that’s what they’ll be subjected to, and that pains me." Pitt initially agreed to supervised weekly visits with their six kids, but he and Angelina are now working with a private judge to design a more firm custody agreement.

Former NFL Pro Bowler Bryant McKinnie is joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop: Miami. Believe it or not, he’s actually the first athlete to be cast in the TV franchise. He’s also a Grammy-winning music producer with connections to folks like Lil’ Kim.


Jay Z is being sued for using the Roc Nation logo on baseball caps and apparel. Iconix says they own the logo license and have the final say on any merch it gets stamped on. The company is suing the MLB, Roc Nation, New Era and the San Francisco Giants for $10 million.


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