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How Random Broads Are Costing All Of Us MONEY!!!

You see these pictures all the time online and like a moth to a click on them.  

Men AND Women click on these pics.  It's the allure.  The physical prowess.  It is, What It is.  But what folks might not know is that alot of these girls are making money for simply having a pretty face, long hair, and a Phat Booty!

Ever pay attention to their profiles and see the words:  For Bookings Contact Me At:  Well promoters and club owners do.  And they are booking these girls for Thousands of Dollars $$$!!  They are flown into town.  Picked up in limos.  Put up in fancy hotels.  And all they do is show up, post up in the VIP, and simply look pretty.  I mean...let me be clear:  I Ain't Knocking The Hustle!   Boo Boo, if you can get that money, you better go get it!

But here's the caveat, these Insta-Chicks are driving up the cost of live shows from your favorite artists.  Especially new artists.  The way they see it, if you're gonna pay Big Booty Judy $3500 to do a Walk-Through.  Then I want $8000 to perform my ONE HIT SONG!  New Artists like Jhene Aiko are asking for $40,000???  It's insane right now!  So that's why you don't see alot new artists on the road as much.  Because they are asking for more than the big booty randoms online.  That $3500-$5000 used to be the asking price for new cats...that time is over!  

So the next time you're at a Live Show wondering why it costs so damn much to see these cats perform their ONE SONG.  You can point some of that blame squarely on your random "Big Booty-Book Me" chick on Social Media.

Don't you just LOVE technology :-)

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Comment by Kimberly Miller on July 13, 2014 at 2:28pm
That REALY sucks!

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