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5 yr old killed lil baby song options


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Comment by Mahogany on September 17, 2017 at 6:37pm
Went to 92q community setting today. The vibe was quite off this time around. But I did make quite nervous and rushed comment not fully explaining myself they where pressed for time.

But this video is just what I was trying to explain music is the dead give away for the spiritual warfare going down. Our young people when properly guided are ready for battle. Ready to fight to the death for the Most High just as soon as they direct they attention on Him. You shall see what people commonly call thugs will be posted up with shot gun in hand ready to blast the enemy if so willing to invade communities: tanks destroyed that wanted to enter, police given warning shots to blast off if you think you want to try it to enter communities with nonsense etc.

Our young warriors will be posted up on roof tops and corners in the name of the Most High to serve and protect the community. Working together not killing each other. They can handle the physical warfare BUT they must master the spiritual warfare going down. Music has played a LARGE part on Nubian communities among many other things. Negative energies are unleashed with music.

Parents have got to start within themselves to change. Once our babies see change at the house parents taking this crap serious: throw away your negative ways; tv, radio, video games, fake hair and nails, men wearing earrings, unsuitable dress code, change your conversations, drop cursing etc. then our babies will change things.

Lets start some like minded sessions! In the 'hood'. I will create a community flyer and pass out to invite like minded people that really want change. This will be coming soon.

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