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So you've got a new guy and things are going great, but you're wondering about the physical part of your relationship. OK, face it -- you wanna know if he is going to be good in bed, right? Well, lucky for you there are some pretty good indications of how "satisfied" you will be as your relationship progresses before you even get past the first kiss ...

  • He's a gentleman: Does he open doors for you, and ask you about your day and how you are doing? A thoughtful gentleman outside the bedroom will most definitely be an attentive lover in the bedroom.
  • He's not in a rush to get to the physical stuff: this means he believes you are worth the wait and it isn't just a one-time thing...a man who is invested in your physical and emotional relationship, and enjoys the buildup and the anticipation is a confident, compassionate lover.
  • He makes you feel beautiful: Feeling confident and beautiful means uninhibited, embarrassment-free nookie!

Just Asking ... Do you think it's possible to tell if I guy is good in bed after a few chaste dates? What signs do you look for out of bed, that are an indication of how he will perform in bed?

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