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Y’all Visiting This O.J. Simpson Museum When It Opens In Los Angeles?

A new exhibit is heading to Los Angeles that will surely be the talk of the town.


According to the LAist, a pop-up exhibit featuring rarely seen O.J. Simpson artifacts is set to open at the Coagula Curatorial Gallery in Los Angeles from August 18 – August 22.


The Chinatown based location plans to transform the museum with an exhibit featuring 300 of Simpson’s items, including artifacts from the 1995 court case, sports memorabilia and O.J. themed board games.  A replica of the 1994 Ford Bronco used in the infamous 405 freeway chase will also be featured, and the display will also include interactive elements and a gift shop.

Adam Papagan, creator of ‘The O.J. Tour,’ will curate the exhibit.


“The O.J. Trial has been a lifelong obsession of mine. Everyone knows the media version, but the O.J. Museum is the vernacular of the people,” Papagan said.


Mat Gleason, the museum’s gallerist, told the outlet that the exhibit aims to be “very respectful” and will also feature a tribute to Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.


“It’s totally within the purview of reflecting the times we live in, the culture we live in and the narrative of one person,” Gleason said.



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