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Would you buy a Suitsy! A Onesie...That Looks Like A Suit!!!

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while you see something flat-out BRILLIANT on a crowdfunding website.  This is one of those times.


A guy in San Francisco has created a product called the Suitsy . . . and it could change business meetings, weddings, and funerals forever.  The Suitsy is a ONESIE that LOOKS like a business suit, but FEELS like wearing pajamas.


You slip it on and zip it up using a zipper hidden behind the fake buttons on the shirt.  The cuffs are fake and adjustable, and the WAIST is adjustable too.  Based on the photos, it really does look like a wool suit instead of pajamas.


You can even put on a real tie and pass it off as an actual suit.

The Suitsy is on the crowdfunding site Betabrand right now.  It'll cost you $302.40 to fund it and get one . . . they'll be shipping in May. 


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