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Hi Kenny! I deserve to go to the Beyonce concert. I have loved her since the first Destiny's Child. I love her. I support everything that she has done. I have every CD that she has out. I have every video. I know EVERY song. I even have my little girls loving her. I have tried to purchase the tickets as soon as they went on sale on 2/15/13 at 10am CST. They were sold out at 10am. I am so hurt by this. I have been listening to the radio all day everyday, even at work! To win tickets. I have also emailed on the Beyonce fan site about how I really really want to come see her. I do not ever get out of the house. I am a busy mom and wife. I really feel like I deserve this and I pray that it happens for me. I cannot afford the tickets at the prices that these scalpers have them out for. I have counted down to get my tickets once they went on sale. I begged my husband to go down to the arena and stand in line because I could not leave work to go get them. I got upset with him because he wouldnt. So he finally did, just to get turned around because they were sold out. I even had him listening to the radio to win tickets, even til this day. People I work with are trying to win me tickets. I am willing to pay for the tickets at the price that I was going to pay, but I just cannot afford the tickets that are being re-sold and I wish that I could. Oh my God if I win those tickets, Im gonna cry. It will be the GREATEST! Please let me win those tickets that you have, PLEASE!

Kenny I really hope that you read my letter and take me into consideration

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Comment by stevenlovinglifelockhart-TSU on February 22, 2013 at 3:47pm

Well I Love Beyonce Too* But After Reading Villencia Middleton's Letter I Hope She & Her Husband Win* A Hard Working Mom Deserves This Opportunity ^^^ GOOD LUCK*

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