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#SheaMoisture and My Apology To Black Women!


Here's The Facebook Post That Gave Me Better Clarity (Language):

Tammy Lee This is not my comment but I think it's a very good explanation of why people are upset:

This may be my last comment about the Shea Moisture debacle unless something really funny comes my way...

Some of y'all act like you don't comprehend where the hurt and the anger is coming from. Let me try to break it down for those of you acting brand new. Many of us are NOT angry that they are trying to grab new customers. Most businesses are always trying to figure out how to get new customers on board and I ain't mad at Shea Moisture for this. 

What they should have recognized is that they products were formulated for various types of BLACK hair. You can't market your shit as one size fits all because it ain't. Shea Moisture could have done what Pantene did. Pantene created a whole new line of products for Black hair care. They didn't just slap a Black face on an ad and try to sell it to Black women. They were conscious enough to recognize that Black women's hair has DIFFERENT needs than White women's hair. Shea Moisture could have just created a new line that targeted the needs of White women's hair care. Most White women's hair can't handle the level of oils and butters that Black women need. 

Also, you can't have 3 White women discussing "hair hate" in your ads when your majority customer base of Black women have to operate in a White supremacist society that is constantly bombarding them with messages that their hair isn't good enough. You can't equalize White women's hair "struggles" with Black women's. You. Can't. And. You. Shouldn't. That's another area that Shea Moisture fucked up at. 

And on top of it all, their apology was wack as fuck. Not once did they apologize to Black women. They kept saying "WOC". No bitch. Asian women are women of color. Latinas are women of color. Pakistani women are women of color. Your core base is BLACK women and you need to address your apology specifically to them, NOT women of color. I swear it sounded like a White woman who thought she was down with Black folks wrote that wack ass apology. Your core customer base that you built your company on was BLACK women and you need to recognize and acknowledge it. 

You can build your customer base with White women and other women of color. But don't you ever push Black women, especially dark Black women, to the periphery. That's why we are angry and hurt. It's bad enough that our society pushes Black women to the periphery, you ain't gotta join them. 

So... To those Black folks that act like they don't get, I hope this helps you to "get it".

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Comment by Mahogany on April 27, 2017 at 10:40am

Had not heard about it, however there are many many many campaigns to discredit, shame & out and out degrade Nubian women. This sounds just like what is happening here. I hate our Nubian men get involved in such (many unknowingly being set-up to say a word or two in agreement with clowns that shall be shut down fairly soon).

At least we got a Nubian man in the mix that can comeback and apologize for thought error! Appreciate you Kenny Smoov showing a lot with this post in your actions regarding the situation!

Peace, Love & Harmony


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