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Charles Barkley Is Such a Neat Freak That He'll Wake Up in the Middle of the Night to Vacuum?

CHARLES BARKLEY and Washington Wizards coach Scott Brooks were roommates 30 years ago, back when they were both playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. And Scott recently shared an interesting fact about Charles.

Apparently, he's such a neat freak that he'd wake up in the middle of the night to vacuum. (???)

 Scott said that the first couple times he heard him vacuuming, he didn't say anything. But by the third time, he had to know what was going on.

Charles told him, quote, "What [does it look like]? I'm vacuuming! . . . I can't sleep if the lines in the carpet aren't straight."

This seems too crazy to be true, but Charles backed up his story. He said, quote, "Well, I'm a clean fanatic. If I get up in the middle of the night and all my lines aren't going in the same way, I always vacuum."

Scott also said that Charles liked to watch "Oprah" . . . and would often give him $100 and tell him to go out and pick up Popeyes for both of them . . . AND he would let him keep the change. He also told a story about how Charles would buy a bunch of groceries, and they'd pass them out to the homeless. And just so you know, Charles confirmed all of those anecdotes as well.



The Newest Instagram Breakfast Trend Is "Cloud Eggs"

Since there's no point to cooking if you can't take pictures when you're done, it's crucial to keep up on ALL the latest Instagram food trends. Even if the food doesn't seem like it'd TASTE particularly special.

The hot new Instagram breakfast trend is something called "cloud eggs."

Basically, you take an egg and separate the yolk from the white, then whip the white to make it all fluffy. You cook it for a few minutes, then put the yolk back on top, and cook it a little more. The result is your yolk "floating" on a bed of egg white clouds.

It looks like it'd definitely take a little work to get them looking right, but you've got time. I mean, who's rushed in the morning?

( Metro)



A Strip Club Tried to Get Out of $3 Million in Taxes by Claiming Its Dancers Were Therapists

Call me crazy, but I feel like it's pretty tough to help someone reach a mental and emotional breakthrough when you're gyrating bottomless to WHITESNAKE.

There's a strip club in New York City called the Penthouse Executive Club. And they tried to get out of paying $3.1 million in state taxes back in 2011 with one . . . um, creative . . . claim.

They said their dancers weren't strippers . . . they were THERAPISTS.

In their arguments to the state tax department, they wrote, quote, "what is provided is not entertainment, but rather a nontaxable service similar to a therapeutic massage conducted in a sensual manner or personal services provided by a sex therapist."

Unfortunately for them, an appeals board didn't see it that way . . . and last week, they ruled that the club DOES have to pay the $3.1 million in taxes.

( New York Daily News)



Six Words You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

We've got a list of six common words people mispronounce all the time. And there's a chance you've gone your whole life pronouncing at least one of them wrong.

1. Mischievous. It's three syllables, not four. Some people say "mis-CHEE-vee-us."

2. Espresso. There's no "X" in there, but a lot of people pronounce it "EX-presso."

3. Prerogative. There's an "R" after the "P." So it's "PRE-rogative", not "PER-ogative." You'll probably never get called out for that one though.

4. Asterisk. A lot of people say "aster-IX," like there's an "X" at the end. But it ends in "S-K," so it's aster-ISK."

5. Triathlon. Almost everyone pronounces four syllables . . . tri-ATH-uh-lon. But it's really just three, "tri-ATH-lon."

6. Supposedly. A lot of people pronounce it like there's a "B" at the end . . . "supposably." Which IS actually a word, but they mean slightly different things.


"Supposedly" with a "D" means "apparently" . . . "supposably" with a "B" means "conceivably." But don't use it. Even though it's technically a word, most people will think you're an idiot.


( /

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