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Ludacris Shows Some Southern Hospitality!

Ludacris proved that Southern hospitality is alive and well with a recent random act of kindness. He quickly stepped in when he saw a stranger come up short at the grocery check-out line.

Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo was shopping at Whole Foods with a $250 gift card, given to her by a friend after Therra went through some hard times. But when she got to the register, she realized she'd gone over budget and would need to put back some items. That’s when “a nice-looking man” noticed what was going on and told her, “I got this. All of this. Don’t put anything back!” Instead of letting her return items to get the total down, he actually helped load them onto the conveyor belt.

He introduced himself as Chris and said he was “just a person” and “just a guy,” but workers and other shoppers recognized him as hometown hero Ludacris. (CBS-TV)

  • $250 at Whole Foods doesn’t go as far as you might think. That’ll get you like...half an avocado and a handful of rice.
  • I'm just surprised a star of Luda's caliber still shops for his own groceries. 

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