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LIL KIM: Blanco Is Bankrupt/IHOP: B Is for WHAT?/DJ KHALED: Nobody Cashes in on My Kid...Except Me!

IHOP: B Is for Burger

Today (Monday) is the day all IHOP fans have been waiting for.

A cryptic tweet announcing the restaurant chain's name change to IHOb led to a week of speculation, but all has finally been revealed. The "B" is not for breakfast, biscuits or bacon. It's for burgers. IHOb tweeted this morning, "Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience. Now let’s see who guessed right. B-hold!!!!!" The message included a video previewing the restaurant's new line of burger offerings.

LIL KIM: Blanco Is Bankrupt

Lil Kim needs a plan to cake up, quick. The “Benjamins” remix rapper says she’s drowning in debt — to the tune of $4 million.

Kimmy Blanco filed for bankruptcy, citing a $2 million home loan she owes on and $1,845,000 in unpaid taxes. There’s also another $186,000 in legal bills that brings her just over the four million mark.

Kim proposed that she pays $5,500 a month to a creditor to help get her debt squared away.

DJ KHALED: Nobody Cashes in on My Kid...Except Me!

DJ Khaled says if anyone is gonna make money off his baby’s name, it’s gonna be him.  Khaled recently filed court documents to force Curtis Bordenave and his firm Business Consulting to stop using the trademarks “Asahd Couture,” “Asahd,” and “We the Best Lifestyle.” He also wants them to fork over any money they’ve already made using the names.  Khaled alleges that Bordenave’s company caused confusion in the marketplace by churning out clothing with Asahd’s name. Khaled says he is already working on something called Haddad Brands and says the guy trying to cash in on his kid’s name actually had the nerve to try and stop him from using the name Asahd on his own stuff.

Khaled says this isn’t the first time Bordenave has tried to bank off celebrity names. He reportedly also tried to trademark Cardi B, Stormi Couture, and Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. (TMZ)

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