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JAY-Z AND BEYONCE: Blue Ivy Backlash?

Are the people being too critical of Jay-Z and Beyonce daughter's Blue Ivy's looks? That's the opinion of Clutch magazine, which says that too many people are calling the baby "ugly" and saying she looks "too much" like her father. Among the offending comments cited were:

•"Beyoncé really screwed up, having a baby by Jay-Z. His nose and lips are never going to look right on a girl."
•"Let’s pray Beyoncé’s genes kick in as B.I.C. gets older. All the money and talent in the world won’t take away from having Jay-Z’s features."
•"Nappy-headed kid. Wish Beyoncé had married a nice-looking man instead of Jay-Z."
Writer Akiba Solomon says she's disgusted by those "who traffic in the idea that the full lips, large eyes, broad nose and dark brown skin of a Jay-Z is inherently ugly" and adds that despite the criticism, baby Blue, "will find peace and joy in the simple act of living, no matter what she looks like."

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